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Taking the plunge

After a great deal of back and forth discussion with my logical alter-ego (yes, that's the one that is out of the building most of the time!) I decided maybe it's time for me to start writing a blog. This idea has always terrified me just a bit, as it seems such a major commitment. But it is a way of sharing current projects and happenings in the studio. And after a year of lock-down, it's another way of communicating with the outside world.

Watch here for information on new work, events, ongoing projects, and maybe some explanation about my process and favorite ways of working.

One of the things that happened during the covid shutdown was some much needed studio cleaning and re-organizing. Here is a little glimpse of my press room as it is now, including brand new shelves along the back wall -- built by my clever husband out of scrap wood left over from another project upstairs. Of course, it never stays looking neat like this, but it was great to start fresh in a clean space and mess it up again with working!

Stay tuned....

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Kathleen Piercefield

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